My number one mission behind the chair is to make sure everyone feels welcomed and seen when with me. I don’t just want to say “everyone is welcome here” but actually show you that I’ve prepared this space for you and would love for you to come stay awhile.

diversity, equity, and inclusion

Inclusivity & Diversity

LGBTQIA2s+ Inclusivity

The history of hair hasn’t always been inclusive. Haircuts are usually gendered “women” and “men”. That's a little effed up, all genders can have any length of hair and look cool. I have a fully gender-free service menu. As a non-binary identified queer person myself I want you to feel the most confident and the most “you” that you’ve ever felt! 

“Queer Hair” doesn’t have to look any type of way but it is always affirming. It leaves you feeling empowered because the end result is authentic to YOU. 

My salon studio was created to be a safer, inclusive space so that the queer community can feel comfortable getting services done and feel seen. You do not have to be queer to be a client with me - however, I do ask you to respect the queer space.

Neuro-diverse and people living with mental illness inclusivity

I am also someone who identifies in this category so I know how overwhelming a salon visit can be. 

Quiet appointments are available on the day of appointment form. Are you someone who hates small talk or feeling like you have to make conversation during an appointment? We will discuss your hair goals during the initial consultation and then the rest of the appointment I will let you relax without conversation! Feel free to sit back and relax or bring a book to read or some headphones to listen to your own music or podcast!

As a side note I am also well trained with people who struggle with trichotillomania or hair pulling, my salon is a judgment free zone and please know that I am here to help you with your dream haircut, this is a common struggle for people with anxiety and/or depression. You will not be judged or made to feel uncomfortable for this.

victims of trauma and abuse inclusivity

“Can I take photos or videos today”
“Is it okay to touch your hair?”
“Are you okay to get your hair washed today?”
“Would you enjoy a scalp massage today?”
“Is it okay if I use styling products on you?”

Asking for consent means that my clients maintain bodily autonomy and it fosters trust. 
I also have a “hands off policy” if you say the word “stop” at any point during our time together I will lift my hands away and take a step back to give you space. 
I want you to know I see you, your bodily autonomy is important and valid, and I am here for you. 

I have been certified by Cut it Out, The Beauty Community Against Domestic Abuse

BIPOC Inclusivity

Salons are one of the most segregated places in the US still to this day. I am actively trying to make that a thing of the past. You are not only welcome in my salon but I love having you here. Curly hair is one of my all time favorite hair types to shape and cut. I have taken many hours of continued education on curly and textured hair types to ensure I am just as proficient in cutting curls and coils as straighter textures. My goal when having you in my chair is to make sure you feel welcomed, safe, and celebrated. I want you to leave feeling the most confident in your new cool hair. 

Check out my Instagram to see my portfolio and examples of past curly cuts I have done!

size inclusivity

It’s appalling to me that the majority of salon equipment is for people 250lbs and less. It is so important to me that every single item in my salon is size inclusive so that anyone can have a seat in my chair. 
The styling capes I purchase are the highest quality, come with the most amount of neck snaps on the market, and have an extremely wide range of neck sizes to ensure that it fits comfortably on every single person who comes in my door.

My salon chair features an oversized hydraulic pump and comes with a chrome footrest. 
The oversized hydraulic base pump is the best on the market with a weight capacity of 400lbs (rated at 550 lbs)
The styling chair itself is heavy duty with reinforced double stitching 
Seat Width (side to side): 19.625”
Seat Depth (front to back): 18.5”

people who are hearing impaired and people who speak languages that are not english

Live transcribe and translation accommodations are available by request for your appointment service via the Hearing Helper or Google Translate apps. When scheduling your appointment just put your accessibility option in the appointment notes. Do you have a translator that you want to bring along to your appointment? You are MORE than welcome to bring them along.
You will also always find that if I am talking on Instagram I use closed captions to make it more accessible for my hearing impaired guests.

immunocompromised and people who are health conscious

After each and every appointment all stations, surfaces, seating, and tools are cleaned and sanitized. All capes and towels are only used for one client and then fully laundered. On the day of your appointment I text out a form, one of the questions allows you to choose if you’d prefer for us to be masked for our appointment together! I want to be able to help you get a great haircut while protecting your health. All of that still applies if you aren’t technically immunocompromised, whether you visit with someone else who is immunocompromised or even just being health and sick conscious and want to avoid extra germs, I would be happy to wear a mask with you at your appointment! You won’t need to explain yourself at all just simply click that you would prefer for us to be masked on your day of appointment form!

wheel chair accessibility 

Every person deserves cool hair. My salon is wheelchair accessible. There are no stairs required to enter, and there is a private gender neutral restroom with ample room for wheelchair accessibility. As far as the haircut you can choose between either staying in your chair for the haircut and skipping the wash, or if you are comfortable and/or able to move into the shampoo chair we can do the full wash, cut, style! I will follow your lead for whatever works best for you!

Partnered with

Strands For Trans is bringing gays, straights, women, men, anyone, together to create more trans-friendly barbershops and hair salons.

A global alliance of salons/shops committed to providing positive, gender-affirming services for LGBTQ2S+ clients.



I am extremely passionate about the world we live in so it is a top priority of mine that my work, and the products I use behind the chair reflects those same values. I provide a fully cruelty free, sustainable, and non-toxic, salon experience.

a low waste & sustainable stylist

Sustainability & non-tox

non toxic products

I believe in the power of plants! There is no need for harmful chemicals to have incredible hair. All of the products I recommend are no-tox, in a world full of green-washing, finding truly chemical free hair care is a game changer. Every single product is guaranteed free of sulfate, silicones, paragons, phthalates, artificial fragrance, artificial coloring, glycols, petrochemicals, glutens, T.E.A., and D.E.A. 
The product lines I recommend and support are Hairstory, GM REVERIE, and Sparrow 4 Everyone.


It is my belief that taking care of our planet also means caring for all of the living beings on it. Every brand I recommend is 100% cruelty free with NO animal testing. Sparrow for Everyone and GM REVERIE are both fully VEGAN product lines as well. With transparency being a goal of mine please know that the only products I carry that aren’t fully vegan are Hairstory’s New Wash, although it is a mostly plant based formula it has a single ingredient Keratin that is a protein derived from sheep’s wool, and Hairstory’s Wax that contains beeswax. No animals are harmed in the making of New Wash and they sustainably gather the wool, and collect the wax still ensuring that it is fully cruelty-free. If this is an ingredient you wish to skip I would gladly grab REVERIE as a cleanser instead :) !

Chemical footprint free

In August of 2020 I stopped offering color services with the intention of focusing on my craft of hair cutting and minimizing the footprint I leave behind on Earth while still creating impactful and unique looks for my guests.

Sustainably minded packaging

It is my mission to be as low waste and sustainable as possible! All of these brands were selected by myself because they exceed environmental standards. Hairstory offers an amazing refill program so that hair cleansing can be as low waste as possible! New Wash is biodegradable and comes to you in pouches, not plastic bottles, and one pouch replaces both your shampoo and conditioner, a simple switch to New Wash reduces the plastic consumption by 91%! Sparrow for Everyone comes in metal packaging that is fully recyclable and REVERIE is even certified plastic negative! 

low waste

All hair scraps/waste is locally composted with Dirt Wain. They keep these scraps out of the landfill where they will become methane gas, an accelerant contributing to climate breakdown. Composting reclaims the nutrients and puts them back in circulation in the communities where the scraps are generated.

I recycle any packaging that gets sent to me in the salon, including boxes and paper.

I’m also a completely digital and paper free stylist! I keep all my formulas, client notes, and appointments digitally through my scheduling sites. I go as far as using a reusable notebook when taking notes for classes, scan them into my ipad, then wipe the pages clean to use again!

I am constantly learning how to lessen my environmental impact and will continue to do my part to better the world we live in. 



Partnered with

I compost all hair waste that I cut in the salon with a local composting business Dirt Wain. This keeps the hair from going to a landfill where it would create methane gas- an accelerant contributing to climate breakdown. Composting reclaims nutrients and puts them back in circulation in the community!


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