I am here to empower you to be the most elevated version of YOU!
To give you the tools you need to push your business to the next level!
I offer customized education so that you get EXACTLY what you need.

Queer stylist coaching

I love getting to talk to other queer stylists who need some encouragement. As a stylist who has been on my own queer journey while behind the chair I have been through it all. I came out as gay while working in a very small conservative midwest town, I have gone through a public breakup, I have come out as trans and started using they/them pronouns and I have even gone through changing my name/business name. It has been a long journey but I am so proud that I have the privilege to be openly myself all day every day. I have been the person struggling to put boundaries in place with clients about using new names and pronouns and I have had to navigate difficult conversations. I can help you put systems in place to set you up for success with your clients. I can even help you find a more inclusive clientele.
I would love to be a mentor for you on your queer stylist journey. 

DO you need a mentor? someone to help you look at your business from a birds eye view?
my mentorship appointments are $100 an hour and you can book 30 minutes all the way to 3 hours so we can really customize what you are working through! these can be booked as single appointments or standing appointments to be consistently growing your business together!

Mentorship Mondays

business building

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Are you feeling stuck and need help getting to the next step? I want to help empower you to take the jump! Whether you are looking for a new salon to work out of, needing advice on going independent, looking to open a salon suite, or taking the steps to expand into a full salon. Whether you want advice on growing in the education side of the hair industry. You could be burnt out and need help achieving some work life balance. Maybe you just need a plan to raise your prices and charge your worth. Whatever it may be, I can help you on your journey! Reward doesn’t come without risk but sometimes having someone to hold your hand through that risk can make it feel a whole lot less scary. 

branding & content creating

One of my passions on top of doing hair is the art of branding and social media strategizing that goes into marketing for myself! Most of my clients have found me through instagram and it has been a game changer for my business. On top of growing your clientele, social media has helped my clients see my value and has allowed me to be able to charge my worth. Whether you want help doing the groundwork like picking out brand colors, and making your instagram look cohesive, or if you want help feeling more confident in front of the camera I can get you to your goals! Some key areas I enjoy helping with are; creating your content pillars, growing your instagram community, building a brand theme, content ideas and planning, and more. I also love getting to share the apps I use to edit hair photos, create carousel posts, making gif stickers, making reel or highlight covers etc!
I have grown my business through Instagram and want to help empower you to do the same!

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Do it. do the thing you are scared to do.  if you want something that feels out of reach, Reach out and grab IT!       do. it.

haircut education

Haircutting Education with olive

I offer both group classes and one on one hair cutting education! Flip through these slides to hear more about the the types of hair education I offer  and the add on's available! 
My favorite thing about being an independent educator is that I can really tailor each class to be designed for what would best serve you! We will pick the haircut you want to focus on learning together, as we go through the haircut I will even talk through how to incorporate these techniques into other haircut shapes. I am well versed on cutting with shears, plier straight razors, and feather styling razors, which means you even get to pick what tool you prefer to learn with! I like my classes to be an open conversation where you have the safety to ask any and all questions without fear of judgment or negativity.

The group look & learn

I offer in salon look and learn education so that larger groups can learn together! You get to choose a cut that you think would most benefit your team to learn and we will both advertise to find a model for me to do the cut on the day of the class. In this class I will go over consultations, sectioning, cutting with razors and or shears, the full cut and all the techniques I use to create it, how to incorporate those techniques into other haircuts, styling, as well as taking photos of your work and social media tips!

3.5 hours
$600 This is not including travel.

The learn the most add on 

If you want to add on a second haircut for the group look and learn so that you can learn 2 new haircuts and tons of new tips tricks and techniques.

an additional $300 and an extra 2.5 hours

The one on one 

My one on one classes are customized and tailored for your specific needs. One on ones are amazing because you get to pick out a haircut you’ve been dying to learn more about and we cut it together each on our own mannequin so that you really get a feel for how to achieve that cut and use those techniques again on clients! Not only that but it’s 3.5 hours of private one on one time with me to pick my brain on anything under the sun, whether that be haircutting, social media strategizing, salon industry talk, how to get to the next level in your business, finding your dream clientele, and more! I am well versed on cutting with shears, plier straight razors, and feather styling razors, which means you even get to pick your poison! Do you want to expand your knowledge with a tool you use everyday or are you looking to learn a new tool to add to your arsenal! Haircutting is truly an art to me and I love getting to share that and connect with like-minded stylists!
I provide high quality mannequins and stands for the two of us so that all you need to bring is your haircutting tools!

$600 3.5 hrs

The bring your bestie add on 

All the goodness that you get in the one on one but with your friend by your side! We will all walk through a cut together on mannequins so that you both leave confident in the new techniques you’ve learned! 
I provide high quality mannequins and stands for the 3 of us so that all you need to bring is your cutting tools!

$450 each 3.5 hrs





I'm olive.

What makes my education different from others?
I view our time together as a friendship where we create a safe space to have open conversations with one another. 
For hair cutting education we work together through my tips, tricks, and techniques to carve and shape the hair to create organic, lived in, cool haircuts. You get to see things though my eyes and you will be able to use these techniques throughout many different haircuts and styles.
For mentorship appointments we get down and dirty to discuss what you need to elevate your business to the next level.
Through independent education I am able to customize and tailor every aspect of my classes to really tackle your specific wants and needs! I am an open book and love getting to share any and all of my specialized skills and passions with you!

I cannot recommend Olives one on one class session enough! I have done a lot of classes over the last year whether it be for cutting, coloring, or whatever, but that has by far been my favorite, definitely top of the list, classes ever. Just having that one on one time together to go through each individual section together was a game changer! I feel so much more confident in razor cutting and can’t wait to take these techniques and use them in the salon everyday on my guests.

Haley Dicks 

The One on One

Delanie Jones

The One on One 

Olive’s class was absolutely incredible. They were so informative, not just from a cutting perspective, but as an all around stylist perspective. They build up your confidence immediately in cutting and styling. Being able to show my guests a new way to style their hair, while also fitting into their lifestyle is important, and Olive gave the best advice to do so. You leave feeling inspired, self confident in your craft and eager to use the razor for EVERYTHING! I look forward to teaming up and learning from them in the future! Thank you Olive! 💚

Haley Clayton

The One on One 

Olive’s one on one class was amazing! You can tell they put a lot of thought & care into every last detail and are a natural at teaching. They also touched on general information about the industry as a whole, social media etc which was really insightful and inspiring. After Olive’s class I feel much more confident in myself as a stylist and my abilities, and can’t wait to try these new techniques on my guests! 
Thank you again so much for everything, it was such a pleasure to learn from you 💜

are you ready to book education with olive?



I am here to be the queer leader and coach that I needed as a baby queer hairstylist.